NZZ Swiss Maps

Switzerland From a Bird's Perspective

Everything, at least almost everything is now measured and recorded statistically, especially in a small and prosperous country like Switzerland, where navel-gazing is anything but alien. For four weeks, the NZZ relies on this rich fund. On the basis of daily changing and self-explanatory cartographic representations, the editorial team together with Interactive Things reveals connections and developments within Switzerland through maps – the series of «Swiss maps».

Close Fribourg, distant Chur

Which main cantonal city is how far away from the Swiss capital of Berne.

Porsches near the lakes, Subarus in the mountains

The clustering of the automotive symbols of agriculture and wealth.

Small cities, large parliaments

The population size of a city does not reveal anything about the size of its government or parliament.

Large cities, limited religion

The religious landscape in Switzerland is changing.

Small political, large military framework

How Switzerland is structured.

Patchwork for power plugs

Current electricity rates by community.

Traffic jam before the expansion of the Autobahn

Where the traffic jam on national roads is the biggest.

Sun lounges and wet locations

How sunshine and precipitation levels differ in the twelve Swiss climate regions.

Robbers in Geneva, cops in Basel

How pickpockets and policemen meet in 26 cantons.

The «Rössli» beats them all

The most frequent names of Swiss restaurants provide a panopticon of rural life and a clear ranking.

Stagnant numbers of births and deaths

How the population of the cantons changes.

When the forests are getting larger

Forests and settlements grow, the cultivated landscape shrinks.

Switzerland around the World

Places and regions around the word which have Switzerland in their names.

Large cities, small cantons

Changes in the map of Switzerland based on population size.

Housing in Switzerland

More tenements, increased per capita demand for living space.

A-levels in Western Switzerland, vocational education in German-speaking Switzerland

How the traditional educational models vary from canton to canton.

Where the centers brim over

Migration between the Swiss cantons in 2011.

Differences across the Swiss cattle country

The highest number of livestock per capita live in Appenzell Inner Rhoden and the Jura.

The railroad system which rarely comes to a halt

The pulse of the Swiss rail system.

The odes to the cantons

The official and unofficial cantonal anthems.