Swiss Elections 2015

Visual Analysis of the Swiss Elections 2015

On October 18, 2015 voters will elect a new Swiss parliament for a statutory four-year term. SRG SSR collaborates with Interactive Things on a series of data-driven reportings and visual analyses around the Swiss Elections 2015. Over the course of several individual projects, the teams of SRF, SWI, RTS, RSI and RTR provide valuable insights regarding Swiss political history, trends, the mechanics of the electoral system in Switzerland and the candidates. The individual pieces are published across all SRG SSR platforms and translated in all four national languages and English.

Strength of Political Parties

Party strongholds and political battlefields 1971−2011.

Connecting Lists

Luck with lists and misfortune with proportional representation.

Parliament Summary

Politicians’ extra-parliamentary networks unravelled.

Cantonal Budgets

Less transparency, more spending on right.

Political Shifts

Urban and rural are areas still split on political lines.

Candidates Data

How well do you know your party?